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Fairies are small elf-like creatures who are mostly two heads smaller than a Halfling, the Star-Fairies are an exception of this. There are four groups of fairies: Tree-Fairies, Star-Fairies, Ice-Fairies and Lake-Fairies. They are famed in whole Esrion, however not by war but by there prophesies, but many think they’re fake.

Star Fairies:


Star-Fairies are the strangest of all Fairies. They’re Elves in body and life. They’re as tall as an Elf. Fairies of this race have an extremely long life-span, they usually are 8000 but some (mostly of royal-blood) become even more then 10.000 years. Many people think that a Star-fairy is born when a new star rises in the sky, whether this is true or not is a question not yet answered. They’re the allies of the Elves of Essenia. The Star-Fairies are led together by a king (who has the military power) and a queen (who has the other powers).

Ice Fairies

Ice Fairies are the only fairies who make weapons and teach the craft of war too there children. They live in Northeren Esrion and live in groups of twelve, groups are rivals of each other. Nine of the twelve Ice Fairies is male. Some did ally themselves with each other and did build a city in southern Brishnar, they’re led by a king.

Tree Fairies:

Tree-Fairies are living near trees and live in small families or alone. They’re the smallest of all fairies.


Lake-Fairies live by lakes and other pools of water. Of all Fairies they tell the most prophesies. They’re divided in groups (each has more than 200 Fairies) who are lead by female leaders. They’re good friends of the Tree-Fairies.

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