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Dawa, the desert Nation

Postby Maiglin » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:14 am

The desert Nation consists of three deferent races that chose to unite in one Nation for a single purpose : Fighting evil.

The first of these races were the Emins, the desert people. From where they came, and who created them no one knew. All that is known about them is that they came some time after the first war ended and made their settlements in a huge oasis the was on the entrance of the Nejeb Desert and that was near the ruins of Jidah , Thakuls fallen capital. Soon they built a wonderful and huge city, Dawa, whose walls enclosed the entire oasis. It was the hugest city known to humans in that time, and everyone wondered why have they build such a great city when they only inhibited one third of his space. As time passed by Emins became famous on Esrion, not only for their horses who were special, because they were so fast that when they would run through the desert their feet wouldn't sank in the sand, but for their battling abilities as well. They served to no God, and the only temple that was in their city was built for Zair Nahal, the creator of all things. This is how they look like:

In the time of King Abdul the third,Thakul fled the island he was banned to and returned to his city. All he found were ruins. Soon he summoned all of his armies and rebuild Jidah, and soon after he started recruiting his armies. This took him more than a century to perform and in that time Emins knew that he returned and they started patrolling the area, killing everything that left the walls of Jidah. Once his armies were big enough, Thakul decided to march north and try to conquer all of Esrion, but when his armies came to the Oasis that was on the entrance of the Desert they found a huge city, whose walls enclosed the entire oasis. Now even Thakuls creatures cannot survive without water and it would take two weeks to send someone to the next oasis which was on the other side of the desert. So they decided to attack the city and fight their way to water. And that was a mistake. The walls were strong and powerful and there were no real siege weapons invented in that time so their siege lasted 8 days. On the eight day a mighty army came out of the city with many horsemen, and they slain without any problem Thakuls army, that was thirsty and tired. Only few retreated. Soon it showed itself that Dawa was built to stop Thakuls armies from exiting the desert. From that day on the Emins were in constant war with Thakul, who used all of his tricks to defeat them.

Countless years passed when a new evil emerged out of Jidah, The terrible desert dragons, Thakuls favorite pets. The Emins believed that there is no glory in ranged battles and so they never developed any art of archery. Because of this the dragons dealt them great damage. In that dark hour their King sent messengers to north in the Land of Samburu, men of dark skin who still lived in tribes.They were the favorites of the Archery God and were excellent Archers. Their bows were Long and deadly and their arrows were poisoned. The messengers promised the Samburu a place in their city to build their settlements in, lots of food, beautiful clothes, and protection, if they would aid them in their war against Thakul. And so the Samburu joined the Emins and inhibited the western part of the city. The Emins gave them their Armor to wear , so they would be protected from the desert as well as from the enemy. Their arrows did great harm to Thakuls dragon so he retreated himself and did not attack for a long time. This is how the Samburu look like :

The peace endured for a long time, if we exclude some small armies that tried to sneak out of the desert and that were easily slain by the Dawa. But 100 years ago a huge army left Jidah and it took the mighty city under siege. The army was full of dragons but also there were catapults. The city endured the siege for 2 months when the strangest of things happened. Anubites, Lomions wolf like beasts, who were feared in all of Esrion for they had no soul and were controlled by the Will of the Dark God, emerged in the North. And when the people of Dawa thought their end had came, the Anubites attacked Thakuls army. The Dawa realized that this was their only chance of survival, and they joined forces with the Anubites. The armies of Thakul had to retreat but many of them were killed in the process. When the battle was over the Leader of the Anubites explained them why have they attacked Thakul and not them. This is the story of the Anubites:

Anubites were created by Lomion somewhere in the middle of the first war, to aid his race in war. But because Nahal allowed the Gods to create only one race, and Lomion newer asked him for his approval, Nahal decided not to give his second race a soul. But soon Lomion discovered that he can move them with the strength of his will. And so the Anubites started spreading fear and death through Esrion. Lomion loved to corrupt humans and so he would enslave all of those he conquered and would torture them in his dungeons until they would join his forces. The latest in his collection were the brave people from Darril who were defeated because one of them betrayed them, a necromancer who served Lomion. The hole city was trapped inside Lomions dungeons although he soon realized they would never join him and will ratter die. But the necromancer was tortured inside by seeing his friends dieing and so he decided to oppose his God and try to save his people. And soon he made a plan.

Necromancers could not control souls but hey could capture them, and so he captured the souls of his people when they would die, one by one, until he possessed all of the souls of his people. And long he waited for a chance to do something . And than it appeared. He was ordered to join the Anubites who were sent to aid Thakuls forces who were holding a city under siege. The Necromancer waited until they came near enough to the desert and far enough from Lomion, and released all of the souls in to the Anubites. Soon his people awoke in their new bodies and they were frightened, because they knew they died. But when the Necromancer explained them what happened they calmed down. But Lomion was furious, never he was betrayed, and so he decided to punish the Necromancer. He would kill him, than resurrect him and kill him again. But before he succeed Tali the Goddess of justice intervened, and saved the Necromancer. But Lomion cursed the Necromancer and turned him into an Anubite. Tali than spoke to the Anubites and told them that there is no cure for them anymore. They and their children were forever doomed to live as Anubites, and that they should now go to Dawa which is in dire need for aid, and help them fight the Evil. The people of Dawa are good and among them the Anubites could live normally, as they did before they were turned into Anubites. And so they did. This is how they look like:

When the people of Dawa heard their story, they offered them a place in their city, and after their king died, the Necromancer was chosen as the new King of Dawa. So was the Desert Nation created, and it was known as the desert shield, because they were the only protection against Thakuls evil. The Necromancer was named Emir which in the lenguage of Dawa means the Ruler. This is his picture:
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Re: Dawa, the desert Nation

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Since this is a nation topic, an not about a race, it really doesn't go here. We need to get a subforum added for location, and it can go there. Considering the content, I'd suggest splitting it into three race topics, and one location topic.
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