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Entries for the First Contest

Postby MirkwoodArcher » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:25 pm

Please post your entries here.
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Re: Entries for the First Contest

Postby King_of_Shadow » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:18 am

Minas Tirith, Tower of the Guard, in all her glory during the Dawnless day.

Minas Tirith, In all her Glory.JPG

Pippin seems to have found something on the floor . . .

Pokey Pokey.JPG

I also have another pic, which isn't exactly taken from the game, but is still funny. Through Im not gonna post it here.
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Re: Entries for the First Contest

Postby Ayodon » Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:45 pm

Here is my entry.
I used the S.E.E Mod.

As Palpatine : Hahahahaha! I will now release my Elf clones upon Middle-earth!!!


The Might of the Elves.

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Re: Entries for the First Contest

Postby Maiglin » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:59 am

After hundreds of tries and countless wasted hours, I finally chose my two screen shots. I used Edain mod 3.3!


Mirkwood archers are wrong targets to attack.


The walls of Helms Deep must not fall.

And I could not leave the Litch King and Spiderman out of the contest:


Spidey kicks some Galadrahim buts.


And don not forget the Litchking and his armies.
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