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Re: Sealgair

Postby Kamikaze_X » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:30 pm

[Tentative Approval]

Any heading that has N/A you can simply get rid of, as your clan doesn't really follow the standard nation setup either way. Feel free to modify the reg form however you see fit.

As for global status, a small clan of 1,000ish people wouldn't register at all on a global scale, regardless of being an authority in dragons and the hunting of dragons. I'd place the label "Sovereign; Nomadic Clan" or something similar.

As for position on the map, we can mark your clan's current position somewhere, if you have a location in mind. You can easily place your current 'village' or what have it somewhere on the map that's unclaimed by another nation.

If you have any questions on the above, lemme know. I'll help out however I can!
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Postby Samus1111111 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:34 pm

Nation Name: Sealgair
Demonym: Sealgairean
Population: Roughly 1,000.
Global Status: Sovereign; Nomadic Clan

Human (original clan, Daoine): 50%
Human (others): 20%
Other Races: 30%

The clan was originally a group of humans. Over the many years, other people have joined them. Anyone is free to join for a period, but in order to be a full member of the clan, you must prove yourself in a dragon hunt. Young members of the tribe will remain uninitiated, and thus have limited capacity in society, until their first successful dragon hunt where they prove themselves. This is typically easier than for new comers to the tribe.

National Language: Sealgairean
Official Languages: Sealgairean, but there are many members of the clan that understand all types of languages in order to facilitate their hunting throughout the world.
Economic System: Barter system. They trade goods that they hunt/make for things that they can not.

Government Type:
Current Ruler: Rìgh Obair
Ruler’s Title: Chieftain

Symbology: Imagery of dragons with various weaponry surrounding or penetrating them. This changes based on the current Chieftain.

Religion: Individuals are free to practice whatever religions they want, but there is no clan recognized religion.



Social Mobility: The clan functions with a quasi-caste system. Those who don't fight are Caretakers. Those who do are Warriors. The chieftain is responsible for the clan. Caretakers and Warriors can have multiple internal levels to account for leadership. Clan members are free to change their caste (very uncommon, might be considered taboo by some), but most stay with the caste they choose when they came of age.
Political Activity: None. The chieftain is responsible for everything. They sometimes delegate these responsibilities to their "counsel".

Geographic Mobility: Any member of the clan is free to leave (abnormal, especially to leave for good). The clan itself roams the world to wherever the dragons take them.
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