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Re: Motu

Postby Kamikaze_X » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:21 pm

[Tentative Approval]

As far as global status is concerned, your nation is very small, even to be considered a 'minor power'. I'd change the status to "Sovereign; Trade Power", as that is your mainstay, and allows you to keep your independence from your much larger neighbors.

As far as where in the world you're located, perhaps to give people an idea, I'd elaborate on a few key things?

• Do your islands remain somewhat close to each other, or do they travel wherever they wish, and may spread out far and wide?
• Do your islands stick to a specific region? I'd assume national borders of larger countries are respected, so you likely don't park your islands right off the coast of another territory.
• Do you want to be added to the map, assuming your islands stick to one area long enough to matter? We'll need to know where, and how many islands you want counted, so we can add them.

Other than those few things to think about, I really like the idea! It'll be a fun place for other characters to visit as well. Let me know if you have any questions on the above in the meantime, Samus!
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Postby Samus1111111 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:29 pm

Nation Name: Motu
Demonym: Motuan
Capital: N/A
Population: Hard to tell. Probably around 10,000 - 20,000 in total.
Global Status: Sovereign; Trade Power.

Ethnicities: Anyone and everyone. Currently they are about 40% Human and 60% Non-Human. However human is the largest of any individual race.

National Language: Motuan
Official Languages: Motuan
Economic System: Very heavily government controlled trade nation. Trade is basically THE thing they do as far as economics, and everything goes through the government.

Government Type: Individual Elective Monarchy
Each island is their own entity. They very much function as individuals unless something so horrific is upon them that it manages to bring them all together. Each island has slight variations on details about how the government is run (for example, term length, qualifications, etc), however, generally, once every 20 years (more often if required) a king/queen is elected. Once someone is elected, their immediate family become the royal family and the king/queen is the sole voice of power for the island. The only way around this is if the island's population rises up and deposes the king/queen.
Legislature: N/A
Ruling House: Whoever is the king/queen at the time.
Current Ruler: Varies island by island.
Ruler’s Title: King/Queen
Ruling Family: The immediate family of whoever is currently king/queen.
Sigil / Standard: A depiction of the island. Does not normally change with a change of the king/queen.
House Words: Varies. Many islands don't bother with anything like this.
Currency: Main currency would be whatever major nation is closest to them at the time.

Symbology: Generally earthy/nature colors (blues/greens/browns/maybe some yellow) with depictions of the island and any kind of unique good that they are proud of.

Religion: Each island is the god of the people living on it. The movement of the islands is interpreted by the king/queen and then conveyed to the people as the will of their god. Once the god's will is made known, the people of the island will do their best to fulfill that will.



Social Mobility: Very fluid. Anyone can be anything, however there are usually only 3 categories. King/queen, trader (those who go out and buy/sell goods with other nations), and standard islander.
Political Activity: Almost non-existent. Really the only thing of interest here is the king/queen election.

Geographic Mobility: The islanders have no rules concerning this. Anyone is free to come or go, so long as they follow the rules of the island that they are on and support the god's will.

MAJOR REGIONS: The islanders have not bothered to name their belief system. They don't even view it as additional. It is their way of life.
TERRITORIES: Dozens of these islands are scattered all over the world. Usually in clusters, but can spread out at any time.
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