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Tel Zhangh

Postby Archon » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:01 am

Tel Zhangh

Born in Quarendor, the Sunlandish kingdom south of the mountains, Tel Zhangh was despised by his family, the Zhanghe, for his affinity to those arts of science and technology. He was trained in magic, and eventually to test into the next level his task was to create a sphere magically containing the elements of water and fire. This he did, but he instead utilized an item of chemistry, a metal cube containing sulphur, bromide and a rare metal called alcturium that actually drew the water out of the air while producing a reaction that created immense heat. After this was revealed, he was disqualified and his reputation in Quarendor was permanently disgraced.

Tel Zhangh left Quarendor and traveled to southeastern Talonis, where with the help of a group of followers he had accumulated on the way, built a fortress called the Keep of Soaring Thoughts, located on an small island connected to the Talonis mainland by a peninsula. These followers, called Technologists, grew to ninety in number, and they all reside in the massive Keep of Soaring Thoughts. Now an old man, Tel Zhangh is still active and his brilliance is respected throughout Talonis, although some in Quarendor still scoff at his accomplishments.
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